When you are planning a trip to China one of the most common asked questions is, “where should I stay?”  China has a wide variety of options that can accommodate all types of trips and all types of budgets.

Here’s everything you need to know to book the best deals for your stay.

The busy streets of China
The busy streets of China

Is China safe for tourists?

It is always important to be careful when visiting a foreign country. But if you are planning a trip to China you don’t need to be concerned about your safety inside the territory.

China is ranked as the 11th safest country in Asia for tourists. This is due to the fact that millions of tourists visit every year. The Chinese government has made security in Beijing and popular tourist destinations a top priority.

Chances are you will not encounter any dangerous situations while exploring the busy streets of the city.

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What types of accommodations are available in China?

Currently, China has one of the fastest growing hotel industries in the world. This booming industry allows adventure seekers a wide variety of options when traveling through the country.

Therefore, China has a wide variety of accommodations that can adjust to your budget and your needs.

You will easily find amazing rooms at high-end hotels, or a really cool Airbnb in China, or something in between. The most important thing is that wherever you stay is suitable to the type of adventure you want.

Keep in mind:

Rooms in hostels or Airbnb’s might be very cheap because they are shared, or have some sort of shared amenity.

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What things should I consider before making my hotel reservations?

China is a country that has something for everyone and with such a wide range of activities, it might be difficult to choose where to stay. 

So here are some things you should take into account before making any type of reservations.

Consider your interests

Look for accommodations around your interests, this will reduce your costs significantly.

For example: If you want to visit The Great Wall of China you should look for something that is closer to the area you are touring.

You will save time and money on transportation by reducing the distance between your hotel and the sites you are interested in visiting.

If you want recommendations for sites to visit during your trip, you should check out “10 Things Every Adventurer Should Do In China”.

Take transportation into account

Before booking your hotel you should think about how are you going to get from point A to point B.  There are four main forms of public transportation: subways, buses and taxis or Didi(Uber’s Chinese rival). If you are staying in Beijing, it has very efficient forms of safe public transportation. During the 2008 Olympics, the subway system received an upgrade, making it a very good/cheap option to get around the city.

Always keep your budget in mind

Be sure to pick a place that accommodates your taste, budget, and needs.

Beijing Traditional View Hotel

Where should I stay in Beijing?

If you are traveling to Beijing we strongly recommend the Beijing Traditional View Hotel.

The hotel offers a truly Chinese experience since its elegant rooms and restaurants reflect the beauty of the culture, plus it offers the guests free wifi and parking.

In addition the hotel it is near the center of the city, at walking distance from Beixinqiao Subway Station, and at a 10-minute walk away from Houhai Food Street.

Where should I stay if I’m visiting other tourist attractions outside Beijing?

If you are traveling to China then you are surely visiting the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and possibly the Sacred Yellow Mountain.

We strongly recommend you to look for accommodations near the location of those sites. 

By doing this you’ll have more time to explore the sites and will not have to wait a long time to rest after a long day of discovering the wonders of China.

Here are some hotels that are near the most popular sites…

The Great Wall Of China (Jinshanling, Luanping)

The Jinshanling section of The Great Wall Of China is truly a fascinating place.

The Jinshanling portion of the Great Wall is located in the on the outskirts of Beijing, so you should check out hotels that are near the area.

Gubei Water Town
Gubei Water Town 

We recommend the quaint Gubei Water Town Hotel, its prices are low, it has a pool, free wifi, and private bathrooms.

“The Most Dangerous Trek In The World” and Terracotta Army (Xi’an)

Xi’an is the home of two truly amazing but completely different experiences; The Terracotta Army and “The Most Dangerous Trek In The World.”

To get to Xi’an you need to get a train from Beijing, this is why we advise travelers to look for hotels that are located inside the city.

We recommend the decently priced Xi’an Skytel, is centrally located and has all the necessary amenities (pool, gym, and free wifi) to have a proper rest after an exciting day in one of China’s millenary cities.

Da Cien Temple (Huanshang)

The Da Cien Temple is classified as a landmark for the Buddhist religion. Cleansing your soul by visiting the ancient temple is a unique experience that you cannot miss.

The temple is located in Huanshang, a beautiful city on the heights of the mountains. To get to Huanshang you must catch a flight from Beijing or other major cities. So it is a lot more comfortable to stay in the city when you are visiting the temple.

Our preferred hotel in Huanshang is the Beihai Hotel. The hotel combines perfectly the stunning views of the mountains with the comforts of modern life.

The Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain (Huanshang)

The Yellow Mountain is probably the most magical place in China. Since Chinese people used to believe that it was the home of the gods.

Before trekking these tall, fog-filled magical peaks you should have a full belly. Fortunately, the Huashan Huiyan Hotel offers free breakfast and wifi to all their guests.

Hotel Check In 

Unless you are a tourist from Singapore, Japan, or other West Asian countries you must follow a very specific process for checking in your hotel.

You see China has many International agreements, including one that requests travelers to acquire a visa. The government also asks foreigners to be registered with the local police when they register to a hotel.

So it is important that you always have your passport in hand.

But don’t need to worry, it is a very straightforward process and the hotel staff will take care of it.

Pro tip: When you check in, remember to grab your hotel’s business card. In addition to their address, it will sometimes have a small map on it. So if you get lost you can easily ask for help or find the way back.

Every year China opens the doors of history and adventure to millions of tourists. This is why the hotel industry, even though it is relatively new, has grown so much in the past decade.

This is good news for travelers of the world since there are all types of accommodations that can satisfy the needs of every explorer.

Now the only thing left to do, is to find the option that is best fits the adventure experience that you desire.

If you are still unsure on how to book accommodations we suggest that you head to our “Wonders Of China experience“. The itinerary is inclusive of hotels between some amazing experiences, and all the leg work is already done for you (except for the trekking). Now it’s time for Adventure!

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