China is an incredible country, its extensive territory is home to one of the Great Wall Of China, as well as some of the most spectacular views of the earth.

If you are like us you probably already picked China as your next destination. Therefore you’ll be asking yourself… “How can I make the most of my trip?”

Do not worry, we are here to recommend you some activities that everyone should do during their stay.

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The Great Wall Of China at dusk
Photo by Puk Khantho 

Explore the Great Wall of China

There is an old Chinese proverb that says…

He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.

We believe travelers who haven’t walked a few miles on the Great Wall of China cannot refer to themselves as true adventure fanatics.

The Great Wall Of China is 3,728 miles long, which makes it visible from space.

If you decide to visit it we recommend you to hire a tour of the Jinshanling area. Here you will avoid the large crowds since the area hasn’t had so many restorations.

Main palace at The Forbidden City
Photo by Vincent Guth 

Visit the Forbidden City

Different dynasties used the enormous palace as an imperial residence, which was built 500 years ago.

Inside of the Forbidden City’s 9,000 rooms lay invaluable works of art that tell the story of China.

Today the palace functions as one of the largest museums you can visit in the world.

Zhengyangmen Gate at Tiananmen Square
Jennifer Morrow

Go to Tiananmen Square

Also known as the Celestial Gate Plaza, the Tiananmen Square is one of the most important sites in the history of the modern world.

This plaza was the stage for the Tiananmen Protests, one of the most important political events of our time. The protests took place in 1989 and the movement’s participants protested against the martial law implemented in those years.

Nowadays, the plaza is used as one of the largest cultural centers in the nation. If you visit the square you will find free Tai Chi classes and Kung Fu demonstrations.

Tiananmen Square will open your eyes to Beijing’s local life.

Here’s a calendar with Chinese festivities that are celebrated in Tainamen Square.

The Temple Of Heaven in Beijing
Xiquinho Silva

Visit the Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is located less than 3 miles away from the Forbidden City.

For many years the temple was the most important place in the nation. The emperors used to make ceremonies and sacrifices to the sky in exchange for prosperous harvests.

Its architecture and location allow those who visit it to experience a feeling of tranquility like no other. Inside the temple, you’ll be able to visit the prayer hall, the circular altar, and the imperial vault.

Terracota Army
Photo by Manoj kumar kasirajan 

Meet the Terracotta Army

Xi’an is famous for being the home of The Terracotta Army the second most popular monument of the country, apart from the Great Wall Of China.

The 8,000 life-size sculptures represent the soldiers that, according to the legends, these loyal servants continue to protect their ruler while he lays in his eternal sleep.

You will soon realize that each and every single sculpture on the site is unique.

There is no doubt that these are one of the great works of the human artistry.

Temple of De Cien

Visit the Temple of De Cien

 If you visit Xi’an make time to see one of the most important sites of the Buddhist religion, the Temple of De Cien.

The Great Pagoda of the Wild Goose is a must visit. This structure is 210 feet tall, if look at it from the entrance it will look as if the point is touching the blue sky.

This optical illusion is one of the reasons that the temple has been named a masterpiece of Buddhist architecture.

Ruin in the Royal Gardens of the Qing Dynasty

Explore the Royal Gardens of the Qing Dynasty

The formerly known as the Imperial Gardens, it used to be the summer residence of the first dynasty of the Chinese Empire.

This group of gardens and palaces is now one of the best preserved botanical gardens in the East.

A interesting thing about the site, is that the material the buildings were made of causes the light to reflect off the surfaces. This light effect is what made the garden known as, the Garden of Perfect Brightness.

This place is ideal for all those who seek to find a little inspiration during their trip.

Chinese food at a Local Market of Beijing
Photo by James Sutton 

Taste the local food

Any good adventurer knows that to really experience another culture it is necessary to taste their cuisine.

China has one of the most delicious and diverse gastronomies in the world. In fact, it’s classified as one of the five cuisines that are considered as part of the World’s Heritage.

Step outside the common conception of this country’s food and eat with a local, they will teach you the authentic flavors of China.

Read more about the food you should definitely try during your visit to China.

The World’s Most Dangerous Trek 
Aaron Feen

Hike the “World’s Most Dangerous Trek”

Hua Shan is one of the favorite places of the locals to see the beautiful sunrises that paint the sky.

The mountain is best known as the “World’s Most Dangerous Trek”. The route that leads to the top of the mountain is made of small wooden planks that look directly down the side of a cliff.

You don’t need to worry about falling from the planks. The hike is done with harnesses and other mandatory safety measures.

If you like adventure and adrenaline you can not miss the opportunity to hike Hangkong Zhandao (the sky’s boards).

Wonders of China
Yellow Mountains
Photo by Joshua Sortino 

Watch the sunset on the Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain is actually a series of rock formations that extend 96 miles through the mist.

For a long time, locals believed that the mountains served as the residence of the gods making it the focus of the ancient Chinese religion.

For these reasons UNESCO has named this natural reserve a part of the World’s Heritage.

When you are in China you have to visit these mountains, you can not miss the opportunity to see first hand the area of so many ancient Chinese legends.

We also recommend you to make the climb to the top of the Turtle-Fish Peak and wait until the twilight. People say that the mountains fill with magic when the orange sunlight touches the mist. 

China is a nation that has it all. It does not matter if you are exploring the busy streets of Beijing, or if you are walking the huge corridors of the Great Wall of China.

China will bring you new adventures wherever you go.

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