If you are planning to visit Mexico and looking for an ideal place to explore, then you should consider visiting Chiapas. This beautiful state has plenty of attractions and it is also home to some of the friendliest people in the country. There are many places that are tourist-friendly in the world but when it comes to exploring natural beauty, few can rival the state of Chiapas. Its lush green rainforests and pristine rivers offer great scope for adventurous travelers, who want to explore nature at its finest. If you are also planning a trip here, here are 10 reasons why Chiapas is the best place for tourists:

The Mayan culture is on display

The Mayan civilization has had a huge impact on Mexican history. The ruins of the ancient Mayan cities are spread around the country. However, the best place to see these ruins is in the state of Chiapas. The most famous of these is Palenque, which was once the seat of power of the Mayan rulers of the area. The remains of the city are spread over a vast area, making it one of the largest Mayan sites. The most striking feature of the place is the Temple of the Inscriptions, which has a stairway that leads directly to the tomb of the ancient ruler Pacal.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature

The lush rainforests of this place are truly a sight to behold. The state is home to a number of protected areas, which are great places to explore the natural beauty of the region. The Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Lacandón is one of the most popular destinations in Chiapas. Located in the south of the state, this protected area has a rich cultural history and is home to some of the rarest animals in the country. El Toral Ecological Park is another beautiful place to visit in Chiapas. The park is known for its waterfalls, caves, and dense forests.

Breathtaking sceneries

Chiapas has some of the most spectacular sceneries in the country. The lush green rainforests, the roaring rivers, and the rising peaks make this place a must-visit for nature lovers. The Laguna Coronil, an azure lagoon that is surrounded by tall peaks, is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Chiapas. The nearby town of San Cristóbal de las Casas is home to the largest lake in the region, Laguna de la Esperanza. The lake is surrounded by lush rainforests and is a great place to go kayaking or canoeing.

You can go hiking in the cloud forest

The cloud forests in Chiapas are a great place to go hiking. The area is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna that make the experience even more interesting. The best time to visit the forest is between May and October. During this period, the entire cloud forest turns into a blooming garden, making the view even more spectacular.

Zip-lining is available for adventure lovers

Adrenaline junkies can enjoy a ride on the zip-lines in Chiapas. The best place for this is the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Lacandón. This protected area is home to a number of waterfalls and several zip-line courses that are great for adventure lovers. You can enjoy a ride in a harness along a series of cables that go over a river.

You can see beautiful wildlife up close

Chiapas is home to a number of diverse species of wildlife. The best places to see these animals up close are the El Toral Ecological Park and the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Lacandón. You can easily spot a wide variety of birds here, including toucans and parrots. There are many species of reptiles and amphibians as well, including iguanas and tree frogs. Endangered species like the jaguar, ocelot, and wild boar can also be found in the region.

The state has many cultural events and activities for visitors to enjoy.

One of the biggest events that take place in Chiapas every year is the Festival Internacional de las Floras y las Culturas. This is an important cultural event in Chiapas, which is held to promote tourism. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world and is a great way to experience the rich culture of the people in Chiapas. You can enjoy various performances, exhibitions, and competitions during the festival.

Chiapas` unique food and drinks that are worth trying.

You can try a range of delicious food and drinks in Chiapas. A traditional meal from this region is the molasses-coated bread, called pan de yucatan. The region is also famous for its chocolate, which is a must-try for every chocolate lover. Many drinks made from tropical fruits can also be found in Chiapas.

How to get to Chiapas from Mexico City?

The best way to get to Chiapas from Mexico City is by air. You can choose from various flights that are available between the two cities. After reaching Chiapas, you can hire a car or take a bus to explore the various tourist destinations in the state.

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