Junction AI, a Dallas-based startup, and Local Adventures, a Dallas Tech Wildcatters  success story are launching the first of its kind application. An Artificial Intelligence driven 1:1 personalized marketing for adventure tours and gear.
Daniel Pena(CEO of Local Adventures) said… “We’re excited to let AI carry the load for our travelers. Until now, adventure seekers were stuck for hours in front of a computer screen. Spending time planning and shopping when the goal is to get outdoors” he continues.
LocalAdventures knew they had to disrupt how trip planning works. Artificial Intelligence through Junction AI provided the answer. LocalAdventures can now automatically match tour offers and adventure gear from Deporte Habitat relevant for each individual customer. All of this is done without sacrificing their signature quality and personalized attention.
The end result is highly engaging marketing that feels personal while remaining cost effective.
“Working with Local Adventures couldn’t be more exciting,” said Vance Reavie, CEO of Junction AI. “Since our technology automatically matches the right experiences and adventure gear to the right customer, Daniel and his team can focus on discovering the best and most interesting adventures.” While the initial marketing ROI is promising, it’s the gained time-margin that could be the real game changer for a growing company. “Local Adventures won’t have to choose between marketing to new clients and serving existing ones. It’s the best of both worlds.”
Local Adventures plans to rapidly expand their growing footprint in Latin America, and expand into Canada and the United States. With this new marketing innovation this growth is more easily achievable. Junction AI is excited to embrace the opportunity to develop their AI capability in both English and Spanish speaking markets.

About Junction AI:

Junction AI automates 1:1 marketing for travel, retail and their loyalty programs by matching the right promotion to the right customer at the right time. Using artificial intelligence Junction AI drives marketing ROI by harnessing customer data to target intent and making it possible to individually personalize marketing in newsletters, websites and apps. As an “AI as a service” solution Junction AI eliminates the need for expensive new data platforms, AI infrastructure and AI engineers.

About Local Adventures:

Local Adventures delivers the most unique adventure experiences (hiking, trekking, canyoning, backpacking) Latin America has to offer. Their adventure guides focus on taking customers off the beaten path and into full local immersion. Every guided excursion is led by a local expert passionate about creating an unforgettable experience. Adventures are all inclusive and range from high altitude trekking in the Andes to exploring the cenotes of Riviera Maya.

About Deporte Habitat:

Since 2009 Deporte Habitat has encouraged the responsible enjoyment of nature through a wide variety of gear for outdoor activities. The two things that define the existence of our organization: our friends (clients) and nature; Whether you are an expert or a new adventurer, we are eagerly waiting to collaborate with you to share our knowledge of our products. We have the vision of being Mexico’s leading outfitter of recreational equipment to help you enjoy nature, as well as foster responsible attitudes for the protection of the environment.


Daniel Pena, CEO LocalAdventures

phone: (956) 633-1575 email: daniel@localadventures.travel

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An avid adventure lover that has been in awe of nature since he was a kid. He has 15+ years of experience in the outdoor adventure arena. His favorite pastimes include; mountain climbing, trail running, kitesurfing. This passion for adventure has lead to the creation of LocalAdventures. Daniel’s mission is to share these amazing experiences with the world.

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