1 day tour

Rainbow Mountain

This tour includes:


Cusco- Cusipata- rainbow mountain- Cusco

Professional Guide

Experienced guide licensed in tourism (English and/or Spanish)


Breakfast and Lunch

Warm blankets

Warm blankets for the mountain

Trekking sticks

Wood trekking sticks

Medical equipment

First aid kit and oxygen balloon

Entry fee

Entry fee to the 7 colored mountain

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Itinerary of your trip Rainbow Mountain

  • Day 1 Cusco- Cusipata- 7 colored mountain- Cusco
    • 4:00 am - 5:30 pm

      Cusco- Cusipata- 7 colored mountain- Cusco

      You are picked up between 4:00 am – 5:15 am at your hotel. You leave on a sprinter towards Cusipata ( 2 hr drive), where you have breakfast.

      Then, you continue on a 1 hr drive until you get to the starting point of the hike. The hike to the top of the mountain will take you approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once at the top, you enjoy of the amazing view and the landscape. Here, you can get the best pictures.

      You have 40 minutes free at the mountain, and then you start the way back, which will take you an hour. Once down, you drive for an hour to Cusipata, where you have a buffet lunch, here you have 40 minutes free approximately.

      Next, you are driven for 2 hrs to return to Cusco, arriving between 4:30 - 5:30 pm.

      Note: You can ride a horse to get to a certain point of the mountain, you would only have to walk the last trail up, which is an hour long to get there and back. This service costs around:

      -one trip: 60 soles (18 dollars)

      -round trip: 90 soles (27 dollars)

      Hiking time: 3 hrs

      Difficulty: moderate

      Highest elevation: 5200 meters above sea level

      Hiking distance: 10,6 km


      It doesn't include accommodation in Cusco, it is necessary to book a night previous to this experience

Available on this trip

  • 🤩 Total satisfaction or your money back*
  • 🤑 Months without interest without card, set aside and pay whenever you want*
  • ✈️ Book with an open date and make changes without consequences*

Tour leaving from Cusco

Mystical sacred city, located on the Andean Mountain Range at 3 399 m above sea level, with great historical and architectonic legacy. Cusco is surrounded by green valleys and is known as the navel of the world, since it is the political and territorial center of the Inca Empire.

Total satisfaction guarantee, in less than 24 hrs + $51.00
Insurance for your experience + $6.00
Protect yourself in case of COVID during your trip + $75.74
Experience Style

Experience Style


This experience includes physical activities such as hiking, trekking, biking, and canyoning. You’ll always be on the move and mostly walking.

Accomodation level

Accomodation level

Not Apply

In this experience accomodation does not apply.

Experience Type

Experience Type

Small Group

You’ll be accompanied by a small group of travelers just like you.

Physical Rating

Physical Rating


Long and challenging experience. You’ll be required to have good physical fitness to go on it. In some of these activities you'll need previous experience on similar activities.

Age range

Age range

Min: 10 / Max: 45

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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