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Tour Leaders are quite simply the glue that holds our tours together. They are chosen for their travel experience and people skills and are thoroughly trained by Explore, widely acknowledged as some of the best training in the industry. A Tour Leader's ultimate aim is to ensure everyone is well looked after and have a fantastic trip. They are there to ensure that the tour logistics run smoothly, that health and safety is adhered to and provide comprehensive briefings at the beginning and throughout the tour.


A key facet of our responsible approach to tourism is that we encourage our groups to eat in local restaurants that prepare locally grown food. We give customers choice as to their meals and do not use rather bland and impersonal hotel restaurants or all- inclusive options 8 Breakfasts


All accommodation, activities and meals that are shown in the itinerary are included in the total cost of your trip You will also receive a complimentary transfer to and from the airport if you arrive on day 1 of the trip and depart on the last day and have provided your international flight information.


Bus, Boat


8 nights in hand-picked hotels.

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Any visa costs, spending money and tips are not included in the trip price. You can also book extra nights’ accommodation at the beginning and end of the trip and the cost of this accommodation along with any transfers would be quoted separately.


International flights not included in the tour cost


Optional experiences are available on this tour for an additional cost.


Travel Insurance is not included

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Itinerary of your trip Highlights Of Mexico

  • Day 1 Day 1: Join Trip In Mexico City
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 1: Join Trip In Mexico City

      Arrive in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and truly the heart and soul of the country. With so much rich history to discover, the city is filled with historic buildings, landmarks and the largest number of museums in the world. Due to the number of evening flights into the international airport, your Leader plans to do the welcome meeting on the morning of day two, and will leave a message in reception with details on timings and everything else that you'll need for the day. There are no activities planned today, so you are free to arrive into Mexico City at any time. If you would like to receive a complimentary airport transfer today, you'll need to arrive into Mexico City International Airport (MEX) which is approximately a 30 minute drive from the hotel. If your flight arrives earlier in the day, perhaps you might choose to have a stroll around Alameda Central, Mexico City's oldest municipal park, or visit the Templo Mayor Museum, which is known for its exhibits relating to the Aztec civilization.

  • Day 2 Day 2: Visit The Teotihuacan Pyramids; City Tour Of Mexico City
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 2: Visit The Teotihuacan Pyramids; City Tour Of Mexico City

      On our first day in Mexico City we will drive out to the mysterious pyramids of Teotihuacan. Although abandoned thirteen centuries ago, they are still an unbelievable sight. Once the largest city in the Americas with perhaps 100,000 inhabitants, its influence continued through Middle America, and Maya craftsmen borrowed its decorative motifs and building designs. Centuries later the Aztecs revered Teotihuacan as 'the Place of the Gods'. Returning to the downtown area, we have time for a city tour of the huge Zocalo; the main square that has been a cornerstone in public gatherings since the ancient times. The National Palace is located on the east side of the square - the President lives here as his permanent residence, so we'll take a look at it from the outside, along with the grand metropolitan cathedral. Many of these key sights were build on top of Tenochtitlan, the old Aztec capital.

  • Day 3 Day 3: Fly To Tuxtla Airport; Boat Trip Through The Sumidero Canyon En Route To San Cristobal
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 3: Fly To Tuxtla Airport; Boat Trip Through The Sumidero Canyon En Route To San Cristobal

      This morning we fly to Tuxtla airport, in the state of Chiapas, and set off for the spectacular Sumidero Canyon, a unique rift 41km long and up to 1000m deep, cut by the Rio Grijalva. This is the spot where, allegedly, in the 16th century, some 1000 Chiapa peoples committed suicide rather than submit to Spanish rule. We take a trip on a speed boat to fully appreciate the towering gorge, before driving approximately two hours up a scenic mountain road to San Cristobal de las Casas, the small colonial and indigenous town located high in the tree-lined Chiapas range. At 2210m above sea level, it can get quite cold at night!


Tour leaving from Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is one of the most populated cities around the world with more than 20 million residents. This city is home to centuries of history and culture, precisely this place was in its origins Tenochtitlán, capital of the great Mexica Empire.

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Experience Style


There will be challenging activities such as hiking, biking, canyoning and trekking, but you’re also going to have other means of transportation and relaxed moments to just chill.

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Accomodation level


This accommodation includes essential services like a hot shower, electricity, and a nice and comfy bed.

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Experience Type

Small Group

You’ll be accompanied by a small group of travelers just like you.

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There are several physical activities that last from 2 to 6 hours in easy terrains, low altitude flats, or water experiences. Please ask if you’re not sure this applies to you.

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