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Kanzwa Short Holiday Break Excursion - 2 Nights Safari Tou

This tour includes:


We offer Tour guide services executed only by our certified and registered tour guides. These are very experienced tour guides with in-depth area knowledge to the Kafue national Park!


During this tour, all your meals are are fully included. They shall be prepared by our own chef for quality control and consistency purposes. We do not get meals and beverages from Mwamfushi Safari Lodge. However, should you wish to eat the meals and drinks from Mwamfushi Safari Lodge Restaurant, you are free to do so. Except you will meet the cost of such meals and drinks obtained from Mwamfushi Safari Lodge Restaurant which you must settle in full at check-out time to the respective lodge cashier.


•Meals and full board accommodation only at Mwamfushi Safari Lodge in a camp tent while on safari•A safari briefing at the start•English Speaking guides.•Excursions and scheduled activities as per the itinerary•Unlimited bottled drinking water while in our safari vehicle


Overland transport from Lusaka to the Kafue National Park central region and then back.Pick up: Kindly contact us in advance prior to the commencement of trip. Give us the precise contact and location details as to where to pick from you in Lusaka on the day of the commencement of the tour.


You will stay at Mwamfushi Safari Lodge located on the banks of Kafue River in the central region.Excluded: Your accommodation in Lusaka is not included in this package. You will kindly be required to make your own accommodation arrangements in Lusaka. from where we will pick and drop you.


This travel itinerary is executed in accordance with the set World Health Organisation (WHO), Safe Travels (WTTC - Global), Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) hygiene and sanitation protocols. Please also note the following travel information from Zambia Travel Agency (ZTA).1.All tourists entering Zambia are required to have undergone a SARS CoV2 PCR test within 14 days of arrival and have tested negative.Evidence of a negative test result must be produced on arrival. Anyone without this evidence will not be allowed into the country.2.All tourists will undergo health screening on arrival. Symptomatic travellers with temperatures 38 degrees (Celsius) and higher shall be tested for CoVID19 and shall be quarantined until the results are ready.Travellers who test positive will be managed according to the National Case Management Guidelines.3.All tourists must adhere to the recommended CoVID19 prevention measures during their stay.COVID-19 Testing centers in Lusaka and Livingstone:Below is vital COVID-19 technical support information regarding you knowing in advance COVID-19 testing centers in Zambia’s two biggest cities of Lusaka and Livingstone.1. Lusaka, capital city of Zambia•There are three options to obtain a COVID-19 test in Lusaka: CIDRZ Central Laboratory, Medland Hospital and Victoria Hospital.•CIDRZ Central Laboratory – located off Alick Nkhata Road in Kalingalinga, Lusaka. Available for walk-in service. Costs is USD100.00. Results provided within 72 working hours. Express service costs K2700.00 or USD150.00 and results are provided within 48 working hours. The clinic is open 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Thursday and 08:00 to 14:00 Friday. Contact +260 975 138 102 for additional information.•Medland Hospital – located at Plot 9, Mukonteka Close, Rhodes Park, Lusaka | Telephone: 3111; +260 761 101600. Tests are available by appointment and cost K2100.00 or USD110.00. Results are provided within three (3) business days. You must call to set up appointment. Working hours: 09:00 to 11:00 Monday to Friday.• Victoria Hospital (5498 Lunsenfwa Rd, Lusaka, not far on the opposite side of the Great East Road from East Park Mall, tel +260 211 290 985, +260 95 5255798, open 24 hours, email reception@victoriahospital.org) contact is Shafiq Mohamed (he is on Facebook as well) - test result back in 24 hours.2.Livingstone: Tourist Capital of Zambia.Apart from the normal government hospital one place known to provide a test and with a good reputation is Med-Prof, 432, Mushili Way Livingstone, Zambia, tel +260 976980177, medproflivingstone@yahoo.com. The number to use regarding tests at Med-Prof is +260 977772092.Latest Information: Exit from Zambia RequirementsFrom 20 October 2020, all travellers wishing to leave Zambia are required to have a medical certificate as per directive from the Zambia Ministry of Health (MOH). The medical certificate will state that they have tested negatively for COVID-19 in Zambia in the previous 14 days. To obtain such a certificate, travellers must take their negative test result to UTH Hospital for authentication. Directions: Go to first floor and an officer will sign on your negative test. Take it to Admin block (red building) pay Zambian Kwacha 200, go back to ADULT INFECTIOUS DISEASE CENTER(AIDC) at same UTH and see the same officer for the Travel Certificate."Other approved centres are;- DISTRICT HEALTH OFFICE (DHO)- PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE (PHO)- ZAMBIA NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE (ZNPHI)Holders of tests taken outside Zambia are not exempt from this requirement, even if the test was taken within the previous 14 days.***This requirement is bound to change within the short foreseeable future.Malaria Risk – How to Protect Yourself Against Malaria.Zambia is a high malaria risk country throughout the whole nation including urban areas. The highest risk of infection is in the rainy season, from November to May. Persons visiting Victoria Falls must take malaria suppressive medication. In addition to the suggested antimalarial medication, use a mosquito bed net and effective repellents to avoid the bite of the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito whilst on tour in Zambia.Before you travel to Zambia, kindly consult your local physician or travel health clinic for the malaria prophylactic regimen most appropriate to your need to protect you from getting Malaria whilst visiting Zambia. Safety & Security Zambia is a safe country to visit, especially when on an organized safari like this one. Tourlane, an online travel agency based in USA recently ranked Zambia the 6th safest travel destination in the world post COVID-19 pandemic. If driving independently, always get local advice on the road conditions and recommended routes and never underestimate driving times or drive at night.Below are tips on staying safe in Zambia.Staying Safe on Wildlife Viewing ActivitiesAs long as you listen to your guide’s instructions, you’ll be very safe on safari. Always follow the rules of the park and respect wild animals. When on a self-drive safari, only leave your car where it has been designated as safe to do so. For additional tips, kindly read the following captioned bulletin points:•Always follow your guide’s instructions and guidelines!•Always keep your voice down when close to animals•Stay in the car during game drives except at designated areas where you are allowed to get out•Don't stand up in the car, hang out of the window or sit on the roof•Don’t drive too close to animals if you are on a self-drive safari and back off if the animals seem disturbed•Don’t drive between elephants in a herd, especially females and their young•Stay together as a group close to your guide on a walking safari and always walk in single file•Never run or jog in a wildlife area as it entices predators to attack•Never walk between a hippo and water; it may panic and charge because its safety route to the water is blocked•Never leave food in your tent; it will attract wildlife•Cover your arms and legs in the evening and use insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes•Wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water•Don't wear bright and colorful clothes or too much perfume – especially on walking safaris•In tsetse-fly areas it is recommended not to wear dark-colored clothing – such as black or dark blue – since it attracts these stinging flies•Bring warm clothes for morning game drives in open vehiclesStaying Safe in Cities and Towns in Zambia.As in most big cities in the world, there is a fair amount of crime in Zambia’s cities and towns. Most incidents are minor, such as petty theft and pickpocketing. You are unlikely to encounter any trouble on guided tours. When venturing out in the city unguided, it helps to take some simple safety precautions: seek advice from your hotel about the area; don’t wear any valuables and only take the money you need with you; take a taxi after dark. For more safety tips that apply to Zambia cities and towns in general, kindly read the following bulletin points:•Ask at your hotel if it is safe to walk around the local area; when new in a place it’s always good to seek local advice on safety issues•Don’t wear jewelry when walking in cities and leave all valuables in a safety deposit box at your hotel•Avoid walking alone in a large, unfamiliar city•Don’t walk around at night; take a taxi•Avoid getting engaged with people approaching you in the street•Be careful when drawing money from an ATM; go elsewhere if you suspect people hanging around•Always lock your car doors and close windows when driving in busy towns•Never leave a car unattended with valuables or luggage visible.Delivering a Safe Experience for YOUA Health and Safety Assistant together with a Tour Guide and driver will accompany you on this safari tour. This is to ensure that you receive a safe experience through enhanced cleanliness and hygiene best practices throughout the journey.

Not included:


• Your accommodation cost in Lusaka or Livingstone is not included in this package.• Park entry fee into the Kafue National Park is not included. It costs $20 per person per day•IInternational Airfares•International and domestic departure tax•Laundry services•Meals and excursions not described in the itinerary above•All alcoholic & Non-alcoholic drinks•Entry Visas to the country •Travel and health insuranceAll medical examinations and COVID-19 tests costs related issues of obtaining the relevant documentations are excluded in this package (not included).


- International Flights to and from Zambia are excluded- Local flights within Zambia are excluded


We strongly advise that participants must purchase their own travel insurance and ensure they have adequate cover for their entire trip.


Option to be transferred from Kafue National Park to Livingstone instead of Lusaka at the end of the tour.At the end of your visit and tour of the Kafue National Park, central region, there is an option for you to be transferred to Livingstone, the tourist capital city of Zambia. This will be done at an additional cost. The duration of the transfer will be two (2) days by spending one night in Itezhi Tezhi. This is so because of speed restriction within the Kafue National Park which is limited to 40 km/hr.

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Itinerary of your trip Kanzwa Short Holiday Break Excursion - 2 Nights Safari Tou

  • Day 1 Day 1: Travel From Lusaka To Kafue National Park - Central Region
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 1: Travel From Lusaka To Kafue National Park - Central Region

      Focus destination: This is an exciting day of you travelling by road from Lusaka  to the Kafue National Park, central  region.  Below is the sequence of events on day 1 DAY 1: Lusaka  - We shall pick you from from your Lodge/Hotel. Narration: You will be picked from your lodge/hotel in Lusaka as per arrangement. Accompanied by our tour guide and driver, you will travel westward on the Lusaka – Mongu (M9) road. The final destination will be to the central region of the Kafue National Park (a distance of 310 kms – see the Kafue map attached in the photo section)  Accommodation: You will stay and sleep  in a specially arranged safari tent  on special and comfortable floor mattresses at Mwamfushi Safari Lodge. This lodge is located in the Namwala Game Management directly opposite the Kafue National Park.   Still DAY 1: Reach Nalusanga  main gate of the Kafue National Park After travelling close to 2hrs 40 minutes, you will arrive at Nalusanga Lay-by station situated along the same M9 road high way. In truth, you will have entered the Kafue National Park at Nalusanga station as there is a wildlife barrier across the road. However, the formalities of entering the Kafue Park at this point are somewhat relaxed and not strict. You will not be required pay any park entry fees or show your passport.  Only the driver will be required to sign in the log book and allowed to enter the partial park. Narration: Nalusanga station is the last place of "civilization" before entering the wilderness of the Kafue National Park. In the hinterland of the Kafue National Park,  there are no shops to buy anything as it is pure reserved forests and game park reserved for wild animals. There is limited to no cellular phone network service available in this area.  Please use this opportunity at Nalusanga lay by station to buy your last minute personal requirements such as fresh fruits and other goodies. The good news is that  at  Mwamfushi Safari Lodge,  there is WIFI available for you to communicate with the outside world. Please expect to experience at certain intervals interrupted WIFI service  at Mwamfushi Safari Lodge especially during the rainy season. Still DAY 1: Arrive at Chunga Main gate of the Kafue National Park - central region After driving to close to 40 minutes, you will pass through the icon and spectacular Kafue HOOK Bridge across the Kafue River which gives a beautiful view of the Kafue River. After a short while, you will arrive at the main entrance of the Kafue National Park, central region the CHUNGA GATE. You will present yourself before the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Officers to process your entry into the Kafue National Park.  Government Park Entry Fees:  At the the Chunga entry gate, you will be required to pay government park entry fees amounting to  $60 for three days' stay in the Kafue National Park. After gate formalities, you will enter the Kafue National Park and drive on a smooth gravel Chunga dusty road a 40 kms distance all the way right up to the shores of Kafue River. Still on DAY 1: Arrive on the banks of Kafue River inside the Kafue  National Park At this point, you will disembark from the transfer vehicle, off load your personal belongings onto the banks of the Kafue River. The operations staff of Mwamfushi Safari Lodge will come with a speed boat to come and pick you, the tour guide and driver across to Mwafushi Safari Lodge.  You will then check-in your tent accommodation with a comfortable mattress on the tent floor. Thereafter you will take your meals and meet Mwamfushi Safari. AFTERNOON: Time permitting when you arrive in Lusaka, you will do your first activity in form of a walking safari or any other activity in the Namwala Game Management Area accompanied by a tour guide and an armed scout from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Evening: You will take you evening dinner. Thereafter, you will surf the internet to inform your loved ones that you arrived safely in the Kafue National Park. You will enjoy sitting around a bon-fire with friends on the banks of Kafue River. There is a cash bar onsite at Mwamfushi Lodge that sales a variety of local lagers and wines that you may buy at your own cost.

  • Day 2 Day 2: Kafue National Park - Loads Of Exciting Activities
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 2: Kafue National Park - Loads Of Exciting Activities

      Narration: You will enjoy loads of exciting activities on this full day. Exciting Activities: Mwamfushi Safari Lodge offers the following exciting activities: Game drives, boat cruise, sunset cruise, mountain hiking, walking safari and more.  05:30 am -06:10 am: Wake up call and bath. 06:10 am – 06:40 am: Take your breakfast  07:00 am - 09:30 am: Leave for Chunga game management area of the KNP-central region for game viewing in an open safari vehicle.  10:20 am – 11.30 am : Commence touring and game viewing around Chunga game area management.  11:30 am – 12:00 pm: Return to Mwamfushi Lodge for Lunch. 14:00 pm  -  Proceed for an afternoon boat cruise on Kafue River. You will see plenty Hippos on the Kafue River. 16: 00 pm: 18: 00 pm:  You will go for mountain hiking on  the nearby rocky mountain in the Namwala Game Management area. 19:00 pm – 21:30 pm:  Evening  dinner and relaxation with friends.  21:00 pm:  Retire to sleep

  • Day 3 Day 3: Travel Back To Lusaka
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Day 3: Travel Back To Lusaka

      Sequence of events on this day Wake in the morning and take your sumptuous breakfast at the lodge. Narration: You will depart from Mwamfushi Safari Lodge of Kafue National Park  back to Lusaka. At this point, you will pack all your personal belongings and transfer them to the boat landing bay of the bank of the Kafue River. The operations staff of Mwamfushi Safari Lodge will take  you, your Tour Guide and driver across  with a speed boat take to the other side of Kafue River. You will bade farewell to your newly found friends at Mwamfushi Safari Lodge. You will then board your transfer vehicle back to Lusaka using the same route you previously used on day 1 when coming to Kafue National Park. Final Phase: Arrive in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia. You will arrive in Lusaka and transferred to your Lodge/Hotel. ----------------------------------------------END OF THE SHORT KANZWA SAFARI TOUR------------------

Tour leaving from Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. Located in the center of the country, Lusaka is an important political, economic, and cultural center. The city has a blend of African and Western influences and offers a variety of attractions, including vibrant markets, botanical gardens, and national parks. Lusaka is also known for its lively nightlife and rich history and culture.

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