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8 Days: Best Of Zambia, Botswana (chobe) And Zimbabwe (hwang

This tour includes:


Professional English speaking Tour Guides will be with you all the way during this tour.


Delicious meals, fresh fruits and continous supply of sparkling clean mineral water during entire 8 day safari trip.Notes: If you are allergic to any food types, kindly let us know in advance


Everthing listed in this itnerary is includedOther Guidelines- During game drives in the national parks, for safety reasons, you shall strictly abide and follow all the instructions issued by your Tour Guide .- During game drives, you will not be allowed to alight from the safari vehicle unless instructed to do so by the Tour Guide.- During the Safari Tours in all the national parks, kindly expect to be joined and share the safari vehicle with other people.


Clean air-conditioned vehicles will be used for transport during the entire trip


Except in Lusaka when you arrive, you will be accommodated in good lodges and guest houses through out the 8 day safari journey.Narrative: Every care and effort has been taken to ensure that your accommodation facility throughout the entire 8-day safari tour is superb and comfortable by any tourism standards.


This travel itinerary is executed in accordance with the set World Health Organisation (WHO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travel Protocol, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) hygiene and sanitation protocols. Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana COVID-19 Entry and Exit RequirementsPlease check online the latest COVID-19 country entry requirements.Malaria Risk – How to Protect Yourself Against Malaria.Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are high malaria risk countries. The highest risk of infection is in the rainy season, from November to May. You should therefore consider taking malaria suppressive medication. In addition to the suggested antimalarial medication, use a mosquito bed net and effective repellents to avoid the bite of the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito whilst on this safari tour.Advice: Before you travel to Africa, kindly consult your local physician or travel health clinic for the malaria prophylactic regimen most appropriate to your need to protect you from getting Malaria whilst on safari. Safety & Security Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe are safe countries to visit, especially when on an organized safari like this one. Tourlane, an online travel agency based in USA recently ranked Zambia the 6th safest travel destination in the world post COVID-19 pandemic. If driving independently, always get local advice on the road conditions and recommended routes and never underestimate driving times or drive at night.Below are tips on staying safe in Zambia, Botswana and ZimbabweStaying Safe on Wildlife Viewing ActivitiesAs long as you listen to your guide’s instructions, you’ll be very safe on safari. Always follow the rules of the park and respect wild animals. When on a self-drive safari, only leave your car where it has been designated as safe to do so. For additional tips, kindly read the following captioned bulletin points:•Always follow your guide’s instructions and guidelines!•Always keep your voice down when close to animals•Stay in the car during game drives except at designated areas where you are allowed to get out•Don't stand up in the car, hang out of the window or sit on the roof•Don’t drive too close to animals if you are on a self-drive safari and back off if the animals seem disturbed•Don’t drive between elephants in a herd, especially females and their young•Stay together as a group close to your guide on a walking safari and always walk in single file•Never run or jog in a wildlife area as it entices predators to attack•Never walk between a hippo and water; it may panic and charge because its safety route to the water is blocked•Never leave food in your tent; it will attract wildlife•Cover your arms and legs in the evening and use insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes•Wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water•Don't wear bright and colorful clothes or too much perfume – especially on walking safaris•In tsetse-fly areas it is recommended not to wear dark-colored clothing – such as black or dark blue – since it attracts these stinging flies•Bring warm clothes for morning game drives in open vehiclesStaying Safe in Cities and Towns.As in most big cities in the world, there is a fair amount of crime in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia’s cities and towns. Most incidents are minor, such as petty theft and pickpocketing. You are unlikely to encounter any trouble on guided tours. When venturing out in the city unguided, it helps to take some simple safety precautions: seek advice from your hotel about the area; don’t wear any valuables and only take the money you need with you; take a taxi after dark. For more safety tips that apply to Botswana and Zambia cities and towns in general, kindly read the following bulletin points:•Ask at your hotel if it is safe to walk around the local area; when new in a place it’s always good to seek local advice on safety issues•Don’t wear jewelry when walking in cities and leave all valuables in a safety deposit box at your hotel•Avoid walking alone in a large, unfamiliar city•Don’t walk around at night; take a taxi•Avoid getting engaged with people approaching you in the street•Be careful when drawing money from an ATM; go elsewhere if you suspect people hanging around•Always lock your car doors and close windows when driving in busy towns•Never leave a car unattended with valuables or luggage visible.

Not included:


**All National Park entry fees in Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are excluded in this package.**Travel visas (including KAZA Visa) and country crossing fees of entering into Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are excluded.**Accommodation on Day 1 in Lusaka is excluded in this package.-Accommodation in Lusaka Zambia on your first day of arrival is not included in this package-Towards the end of the safari tour on the way back from Hwange National Park, you may decide to end your safari tour and remain in Victoria Falls town on the Zimbabwe side. In this situation, accommodation in Victoria Falls town and transfer to international airport is excluded in this packageOther items excluded are:*International Air ticket* Beers and Wine (alcoholic drinks)* Laundry expenses * Travel and Medical Insurance*GratuitiesNote: All medical examinations and COVID-19 tests costs related issues of obtaining the relevant documentations are excluded in this package (not included).


- Round Air flights to and from Zambia ae excluded- Air transfer conections within Zambia are excluded


Visa RequirementsVisas are required for most passports in order to enter Botswana and Zimbabwe. Most visas can be purchased at the airport or border in United States Dollars cash (some entry points now accept Visa payments but best to have $ cash with you) – please confirm with your embassy whether it is advisable for you to apply for a visa before departure – you can also consult zambiaimmigration.gov.zm or why not check out details of the new UNIVISA. www.kazavisa.info. Please note that information posted can change without notice.NOTICE:Good News! Effective 1/10/2022, Zambia is now offering free visa entry into the country for the following countries: China, Norway, USA, Japan, UK, South Korea, Gulf States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the entire EU countries. For other countries, please check with your local travel agents before traveling on the procedures of obtaining a travel visa to Zambia.Sustainable TravelAll participants shall be requested to use reusable alternatives to single use plastics by using backpacks for solid waste accumulation before disposing off in compostable bin liners. Each participant will be given an Onya eco-friendly stainless drinking bottle and other accessories. The old adage of “Take photos and leave your footprints Only’ shall religiously be encouraged from time to time.


Insurance is excluded in this package. Clients are advised to take own personal travel insurance

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Itinerary of your trip 8 Days: Best Of Zambia, Botswana (chobe) And Zimbabwe (hwang

  • Day 1 Depart For Choma En-Route To Livingstone, Tourist Capital City Of Zambia With An Overnight Sleep-Over In Choma
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Depart For Choma En-Route To Livingstone, Tourist Capital City Of Zambia With An Overnight Sleep-Over In Choma

      Welcome to an exciting 8-day wildlife-focused safari journey to three great Southern African countries of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe! -  Narration (information tip): "Africa is a continent of dreams and its legends are breathtaking. Visiting this incredibly diverse, sometimes challenging continent is what this life changing 8 days wildlife safari tour is all about". Please enjoy this life changing safari journey! Program of activities on day one (1) 06:30 am: This whole journey will start from the beautiful and centrally located StayEasy Lusaka Hotel (GPS LOCATION INFORMATION S 15 24' 10'' E 28 17' 7'') in Lusaka Zambia. It is situated on the corner of Church and Kabelenga Roads in Lusaka city within Levy Shopping Mall yard.  Please note that StayEasy Hotel is the official meeting place/venue for the commencement of this marvelous 8-day safari tour.  Friendly advice: So, from where ever you will be staying in Lusaka, on this morning of day 1, kindly find your way to StayEasy Lusaka Hotel in the central business district (CBD) of Lusaka. In the lobby of StayEasy Hotel, you will find and meet the trip leader waiting for you in the lobby wearing a Lochinvar Safaris branded uniform or name tag. After some formal introduction formalities, you will receive a short briefing from the Trip Leader on some pertinent issues such as important country information and safety issues. Advice Notes: 1. Kindly make advance arrangements with reception staff of the lodge/hotel where you will be staying at in Lusaka. Request them to assist you find a reliable taxi to pick you the following morning as early as 05:30 am and transfer you to StayEasy Lusaka Hotel. Please be mindful of traffic congestion around Lusaka city. Traffic congestion is a common phenomenal every morning especially as one drives towards StayEasy Lusaka Hotel area which is the central business district of Lusaka city. Travel Advice: For convenience sake, you could consider staying at the same StayEasy Hotel in Lusaka. This can be a convenient arrangement for you so that on the morning of the commencement of the tour, our staff will find you waiting in the hotel lobby of StayEasy Hotel.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sequence of events on Day (1) 06:50 am:  Meet and Greet  session at StayEasy Lusaka Hotel. 07:30 am: Commencement of the tour: Thereafter all the travel formalities, you will board the tour vehicle and travel by road from Lusaka to Choma. The route of travel will be via the T-2 Kafue Road and the T-1 main Livingstone highway road. 09:50 am: After Kafue town, we will head to one of Zambian’s unique natural landmark; the Kafue River and state-of-art Kafue Road Bridge.  ABOUT THE KAFUE RAIL BRIDGE !! Built in 1906, the 13 truss and 13 pillared railway bridge on the Kafue river is the second longest bridge in Zambia, the longest truss bridge in Zambia and the oldest known piece of infrastructure still in existence and in use in Lusaka province. Kafue is one of the main rivers of Zambia, the main source and water supply to the greater Lusaka city population. The tour guide will be close by to provide more detailed information on these two important landmarks. Travel Program: The tour vehicle will slow down on the Kafue Bridge. You will have a chance to have a closer view of the slow flowing Kafue River.  Heritage site stop-over excursion: Munali Pass National Monument Along the main T-1 Livingstone tourism route, you will visit the Munali Hills Pass historic site. It is situated about 56km north of Mazabuka, a stone cairn 1km along the Munali Pass road. This monument is a commemoration of Dr. David Livingstone’s passage through the hill pass that separates the Lusaka high plateau from the Kafue Flats.  Turn-Pike Turn Off: At Turn Pike junction, we will branch off from the T-2 Kafue road and turn into the T-1 Livingstone road. By the road-side, we will briefly stop-over by the lay-bye to buy some fresh bananas and apples. In-transit breakfast: You will be served with some delicious breakfast whilst in transit to Mazabuka. 10:20 am: Munali Hills Pass route: You will experience the true Zambian culture of this beautiful country along the way to Mazabuka. The vehicle will wind its way through beautiful landscape, passing through some green commercial farms, traditional African villages and schools along the way to Mazabuka.  11:30 am – Arrive in Mazabuka, dubbed “The Sweetest Town” in Zambia. This is because sugar canes that are processed into edible household sugar are grown on a large scale in Mazabuka.  11:40 am – Depart for Monze, the next town after Mazabuka. You will see large sugar plantations on the way out of Mazabuka town. You will pass a number of small village siding settlements along the way to Monze, approximately 72 kms from Mazabuka.  13:20 pm: Arrive in Monze: - An agriculture town, with an estimated population of 163,578 people. 13:30 pm: Eat a sumptuous lunch at Totally Baked Cafe or Food Royal or the Indian Restaurant or at any other upmarket restaurant in Monze town. 13:30 pm - 15:00 pm: Visit the Samu Lya Moomba national heritage site outside Monze town in Bweengwa area, Chief CHOONGO’s chiefdom to see Zambia's deep cultural heritage. Narration (information tip): Samu Lya Moomba holds a special place in Zambia's history as it was the location some freedom fighters from across Zambia would meet to strategise on the attainment of Zambia's political independence. 15:30 pm – Depart for Choma, the provincial headquarters of southern province (97.4 kms from Monze). You will pass through small village siding along the way, namely Rusangu, Chisekesi, Pemba, Muzoka, Batoka in that order before reaching Choma (Distance is 285km from Lusaka and 188 km from Livingstone).  18:00 pm: Arrive in Choma and check-in a good tourism accommodation facility where you will take  your delicious dinner. 21:30 pm: Spend a overnight sleep over in Choma. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Day 2 Travel To Kalomo Enroute To Livingstone: The Adventure Capital Center Of Southern Africa.
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Travel To Kalomo Enroute To Livingstone: The Adventure Capital Center Of Southern Africa.

      Program of activities on day (2) 06:10 am: Wakeup call; thereafter take a warm shower.  07:00 am – 07: 30: am – The day will begin with a hearty breakfast at the lodge. You will then check-out and visit to the Choma Museum to learn about the history of the capital of Zambia's Southern Province . After observing the main pieces of the collection at Choma Museum, we will depart from Choma and travel to the next  town of Kalomo . See the Kalundu Mound: About 3 km before reaching Kalomo, on the main road, is a slightly raised mound (a matter of just a few metres) of earth through which the road passes. This marks the site of an Iron-Age village, and the mound is the accumulated debris of many centuries of occupation.  12:30 pm: Arrive in Kalomo town, the first colonial capital city of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Narration( Historical information tip):  In 1907, Kalomo became the colonial capital centre of what was then known as Northern-Western Rhodesia. In 1911 it became the capital of Northern Rhodesia, what is today called Zambia. Other things to see; 1. Visit the former Colonial Administrators Residence. 2. Site visit of the first Standard Chartered Bank of North-Western Rhodesia. 14:30 pm- Proceed to Livingstone, tourist capital city of Zambia. 15:30 pm - Arrive in Livingstone, a live destination of your safari trip and the start of some exciting adventure and cultural activities! Overview of Livingstone city --------------------------------------------------------------------- Historical Fact sheet: Livingstone is the tourist capital city of Zambia and Adventure capital centre of Southern Africa. Livingstone town is named after the famous Victorian missionary explorer, Dr David Livingstone who explored this area extensively. Livingstone Town was established in 1905. As a major European settlement, being close to the Zambezi River crossing over to Southern Rhodesia, the town was made the capital of Northern Rhodesia in 1911. The capital was moved to Lusaka in 1935. A major event in 2011 was the installation of the town’s first set of traffic lights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progression of activities: Check-in at any good tourism compliant accommodation facility in Livingstone. 15:30 pm: Go for an afternoon Game Drive and Rhino Walk Safari in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on the outskirts of Livingstone. Narration: You will do a game drive and Rhino walk safari in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park for approximately 2 Hours. This will be done in an open 4x4 safari vehicle with a qualified safari guide.  Accolades! A game drive in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park offers a thrilling experience . You will  have close encounters with 3 of the Big 5 animals namely Elephant; Buffalo and the near threatened White Rhino with good photographic opportunities while in the safety confines of the vehicle. Narration (nature information tip): The Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park wildlife sanctuary is Zambia's smallest National park free from predators. This, in combination with it being an area with man-made boundaries, guarantees an abundance of wildlife throughout the year. In addition to the migratory elephants, wildlife including white rhinos, giraffe, buffalo, waterbuck, impala, wildebeest, zebra, bushbuck, warthogs, monkeys, baboons, hippos and crocodiles are residents in the park year round. The environment inhabit a mix of riverine forest, mopane woodland as well as grassland, which also provides a variety of habitats for numerous bird species. Old Drift Crossing Point. Within this park is the Old Drift Crossing Point as well as Cemetary, where the first European settlers were buried. Historically, the Old Drift was where ox-wagons were floated across the Zambezi, before there was a bridge. Rhino Walk Safari You will experience BREATH TAKING ENCOUNTERS with the endangered White Rhino whilst walking in the untamed Zambian bush of Livingstone's Mosi O Tunya National Park. Narration (information tip): At the end of the game viewing excursion, you will be transferred back to your lodge. 09: 30 pm - Eat your sumptuous dinner. Night life (Life is good, Enjoy it!): Those interested in night life. You are free to go out to any night club around Livingstone city and enjoy beverages on your own cost.  23:00 am: Retire for a goodnight sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: Times stated above may be altered to suit changed situations on the day of the tour. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Day 3 From Livingstone: Full Day Trip To Chobe National Park In Botswana
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      From Livingstone: Full Day Trip To Chobe National Park In Botswana

      Overview of actvities on Day 3: Today, you will go on a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana In 2019,  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Narration (information fact sheet tip): In 2019, Botswana was voted as the best 2019 eco-tourism safari destination in Africa. Botswana practices low impact, high value eco-tourism experiences. The Chobe National park is home to the world's largest Elephant population, amazing wildlife, and Africa's largest predators: Lions, Leopards and Wild dogs. Program of the day (3). 05:30 am: You will be picked from your lodge/hotel in Livingstone. You will then proceed straight away to the Kazungula - Zambia/Botswana one stop border post, a distance of about 88 kms via M10 road.  Friendly advice: Please do not carry all your luggage from your lodge/hotel as you will return back to the same lodge/hotel on the same day at the end of the Chobe day trip.  Very important information on VISA requirement entry into Botswana Following the waiver of VISA requirements for most nationals of EU countries and other overseas countries to enter Zambia, it has now become necessary for us to revise VISA requirement for your travelling plan. The KAZA Univisa is no longer a requirement for you to enter Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in order for you to undertake this 8-day safari tour. As you will enter Zambia without a VISA, you will therefore apply only for a VISA to enter Botswana and Zimbabwe at the border point of entry on the day of the tour. However, this does not apply for all nationalities as others are required to apply for a VISA to enter Botswana and Zimbabwe in advance before travelling to Africa. To be on the safe side, kindly contact and consult with the nearest Botswana and Zimbabwean VISA consulate nearest to your country. 08:00 am: Kazungula Zambia/Botswana one stop border station Narration: You will present yourself before the immigration and customs officers of both Zambia and Botswana at the one stop border station at Kazungula on Botswana soil. This will be for the purpose of processing your exit from Zambia and entry into Botswana respectively.  Travel Advice: Please carry your passport with you and sufficient USD hard currencies to pay for any border fees. If accompanied by any children with only one parent present, kindly carry a letter from the other parent not present authorizing you to travel with the child internationally. A letter with a seal of oath will carry more weight to avoid being inconvenienced and denied entry into Business. Otherwise if all your documentations are in order, you will smoothly exit Zambia and enter Botswana without any hassles. What next? You will enter Botswana. You will be picked by our Botswana counterpart tour guides driving a safari open vehicle right at the border. You will immediately be driven to the entrance of Chobe National Park, a distance of approximately 22 km. Narration: You will be presented before the Botswana wildlife officers at the main gate of Chobe National Park to process your entry into the park.  Commencement of wildlife safari tour: You will commence your game drive in Chobe National Park in an open safari vehicle under the supervision of a qualified tour guide. You will see the world's largest Elephant population, amazing wildlife, and Africa's largest predators: Lions, Leopards and Wild dogs. 12:30 pm: Take your delicious buffet lunch at Chobe Safari Lodge Restaurant on the shores of Chobe River Narration: You will take a delicious buffet lunch at Chobe Safari Lodge by the shores of Chobe River. This is a high end Chobe Safari Lodge and the food selection is excellent, from the salads to the meats to the desserts. 14:30 pm: Go for Chobe Boat Cruise You will go for an afternoon boat cruise experience on the Chobe River using a speedboat which allows you to come closer to the animals. You will be surprised at the number of wild animals you will see within this area. Accompanied by a tour guide, you will see elephant swimming across from Namibia to Botswana, crocodiles, hippos, water buffalos, a lot of different species of bird life. you will be offered refreshments on this boat cruise. 16:00 pm: Kasane - Botswana - End of Boat Cruise You will be dropped off on the shores of Chobe River at the end of the boat cruise tour and quickly rushed to the Botswana/Zambia one-stop border station. 16:40 pm: Re-enter Zambia and travel back to Livingstone to your Lodge in Livingstone. You will then travel back to Livingstone, covering a distance of about 80m kms 18:00 pm: You will be dropped off at your lodge/hotel. 18:30 pm: Take your sumptuous lunch 20:00 pm: Relax with friend in a bar/restaurant by taking drinks on your own account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: Times stated above may be altered to suit changed situations -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Tour leaving from Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. Located in the center of the country, Lusaka is an important political, economic, and cultural center. The city has a blend of African and Western influences and offers a variety of attractions, including vibrant markets, botanical gardens, and national parks. Lusaka is also known for its lively nightlife and rich history and culture.

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