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3-days Siavonga (home Of Kariba Dam): A Lovely Gateway From

This tour includes:


You will be treated with the most mouthwatering meals throughout the experience


-Accommodation in Siavonga-Continuous supply of mineral water-Tour of Kariba Wall Dam-Boat cruise-Tour of Siavonga town and the local market.-Pick up and drop off at your lodge/hotel- Delicious meals- Transported in nice and air-conditioned vehicles


You will be accommodated at Lotri Bay, a tiny resort on the banks of what is the most impressive man-made lake in the world. Narration: Set on the shores of Lake Kariba approximately 25km up-lake from Siavonga, Lotri Bay is a perfect getaway location and a photographer’s paradise. Boasting a range of activities, including hiking, fishing, canoeing, game viewing, bird watching, sailing and sunset cruises.


HEALTHYELLOW FEVER & CHOLERA.Visitors from or passing through a yellow fever and cholera zone (most of tropical Africa and South America) must produce a valid International Certificate of Vaccination. Air travellers who only pass through the airports of such a zone are exempt from the requirement. COVID 19Unvaccinated travellers need a negative COVID 19 PCR certificate taken 72hours prior to departure.MEDICAL SERVICESThere are several public and private hospitals and clinics in most major cities and towns including Livingstone.CHEMISTS / PHARMACIESTravellers should carry an adequate supply of their prescribed medicines although chemists in the major centres carry a wide range of medicines and first aid accessories.Best practices of Hygiene and Health standardsOverall this experience is executed in accordance with the set World Health Organization (WHO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels Protocols, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) hygiene and sanitation protocols. Malaria Risk – How to Protect Yourself Against Malaria.Zambia is a high malaria risk country throughout the whole nation including urban areas. The highest risk of infection is in the rainy season, from November to May. Persons visiting Victoria Falls must take malaria suppressive medication. In addition to the suggested antimalarial medication, use a mosquito bed net and effective repellents to avoid the bite of the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito whilst on tour in Zambia.Before you travel to Zambia, kindly consult your local physician or travel health clinic for the malaria prophylactic regimen most appropriate to your need to protect you from getting Malaria whilst visiting Zambia. Safety & Security Zambia is a safe country to visit, especially when on an organized safari like this one. Tourlane, an online travel agency based in USA recently ranked Zambia the 6th safest travel destination in the world post COVID-19 pandemic. Staying Safe in LusakaAs in most big cities in the world, there is a fair amount of crime in Lusaka. Most incidents are minor, such as petty theft and pickpocketing. You are unlikely to encounter any trouble on guided tours. When venturing out in the city unguided, it helps to take some simple safety precautions: seek advice from your hotel about the area; don’t wear any valuables and only take the money you need with you; take a taxi after dark. For more safety tips that apply to Zambia cities and towns in general, kindly read the following bulletin points:•Ask at your hotel if it is safe to walk around the local area; when new in a place it’s always good to seek local advice on safety issues•Don’t wear jewelry when walking in cities and leave all valuables in a safety deposit box at your hotel•Avoid walking alone in a large, unfamiliar city•Don’t walk around at night; take a taxi•Avoid getting engaged with people approaching you in the street•Be careful when drawing money from an ATM; go elsewhere if you suspect people hanging around•Always lock your car doors and close windows when driving in busy towns•Never leave a car unattended with valuables or luggage visible


- Doing this tour with us, you will be treated like an African Prince or Queen.- An English speaking Tour Guide will accompany through out the experience.

Not included:


Safari tour to Matusadona National Park as an optional extra activityGoing for Game Drive across into Zimbabwe in Matusadona National Park is not compulsory but an optional extra activity. Should you wish to go for a game drive in Zimbabwe, only then do you need to apply for a Kaza Visa by following the steps below.Travel to Zimbabwe advice. KAZA VisaUpon entry in Zambia at any International Airport, kindly obtain a KAZA UNIVISA. It is not a complicated or time consuming process but a fairly straight forward process. This will enable you to enter Zimbabwe for the purpose of going for a game drive in Matusadona National Park The KAZA visa is valid up to 30 days in any given period of 12 months, as long as the holder remains within Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day-trips through Kazungula Borders.However, you many also visit eVisa Zimbabwe website just incase you need more detailed information regarding your one day entry into Zimbabwe for a wildlife safari tour to Matusadona National Park.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Park Entry fee into Matusadona National Park is excluded. You will kindly pay at locally at the main park gate----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Accommodation in Lusaka is not included• Alcoholic beverages• Cross-border and visa fees• Any other activities not included in the program• Travel insurances•All entrance fees other than those in what is Included• Personal expenses• Gratuities• Anything not specified under “inclusions”- All medical examinations and COVID-19 costs related issues of obtaining the relevant documentations are excluded in this package (not included).


International and domestic flights are excluded


TIPING & SERVICE CHARGEThe application of a 10% service charge is a mandatory requirement in Zambia for all hospitality bookings. At your own discretion, you may directly tip any of the support staff for going an extra mile in serving you Other items you may consider to bring •Binoculars - one pair per person•Enough film/video cassettes and spare batteries for your camera if you want to take photographs/videos•Hats, sunscreen for sensitive skins•Sunglasses•Warm as well as light clothes in the cool months {(May to August when midday temperatures may be quite warm and night temperatures cold to freezing) and light clothing for the other months. Even in summer, it is a good idea to bring at least one warm jersey or jacket as occasionally there are sudden drops in temperature caused by unusual weather conditions.}•Raincoats (from November to April)•Comfortable safety footwear and gloves•Basic medicines, including malaria prophylactics•A notebook and pen


We advise you to purchase travel and medical insurance.MEDICAL INSURANCEMedical insurance should be purchased before leaving country of origin and should include emergency air evacuation coverage if you are spending any time in remote parts of the country. Since you will be visiting Siavonga, getting an emergency air evaluation insurance coverage is therefore imperative.

Start planning your experience

Itinerary of your trip 3-days Siavonga (home Of Kariba Dam): A Lovely Gateway From

  • Day 1 Travel From Lusaka To Siavonga, A Truly Vacationer’S Paradise! (194.6 Km)
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Travel From Lusaka To Siavonga, A Truly Vacationer’S Paradise! (194.6 Km)

      Main Destination: Siavonga town on the beautiful shores of Lake Kariba on the Zambian side. Program of the day 05:30 am: You will rise early up from your lodge/hotel and possibly take light breakfast.  06:00 am: Our hospitality tour guide and driver will meet and pick you from the reception of your hotel/lodge. Narration: You will ride on a good tarmac road from Lusaka to Chirundu (Kafue T-2 all tarmac). This road is an important commercial artery route that crosses the Zambian border and goes to Harare, Zimbabwe. So at most this road is always kept in good repair condition.  Finer details of the journey to Siavonga About 50 kms from Lusaka, you will reach a small road-side town of Kafue (its name is derived from the Kafue River, one of Zambia’s major rivers). This town has no major tourism landmarks of interest worth a stop-over.  After Kafue town, you will head to one of Zambian’s unique natural landmark; the Kafue River and state-of-art Kafue Road Bridge. You will slow down on the Kafue Bridge. You will have a chance to have a closer view of the Kafue River. Kafue is one of the main rivers of Zambia, the main source and water supply to the greater Lusaka city population. The tour guide will be close by to provide more detailed information on these two important landmarks.  After the Kafue Bridge Police check point, you will ride straight past Turn Pike turn off down the escarpment to the Zambezi Valley.  Branch-Off From here, we will branch off to reach Siavonga, riding on a tarmac road that winds in the mountains and descends on Lake Kariba 10:00 am - Arrive and check-in at Lotri Bay, a tiny resort on the banks of what is the most impressive man-made lake in the world. Narration (information tip): Set on the shores of Lake Kariba approximately 25km up-lake from Siavonga, Lotri Bay is a perfect getaway location and a photographer’s paradise. Boasting a range of activities, including hiking, fishing, canoeing, game viewing, bird watching, sailing and sunset cruises. 10:30 am: You will take your first mouthwatering breakfast. 10:40 am: Boating: You will go for your first activity, the exciting speed boat cruise on lake Kariba. You should be able to spot some water birds around in the lake vicinity. Otherwise, you will simply enjoy the cool wind whispering in your ear in the hot African weather as the speed boat cruises on the Zambezi River. 13:00 pm – 14:00 pm: Lunch: You will be treated to the most sumptuous lunch for the day. 14:00 pm – 17:00 pm: Beach walk and resting. You will unwind by resting on the sandy shoreline of the lake or walking bare foot on the beach sand. You may as well just decide to cool off from the hot valley heat in the lodge swimming pool. 18:30 pm -  Take your well prepared and delicious dinner 20:00 pm – 21:30 pm; Come for an evening presentation of general issues on Zambia, inclusive of the Zambian history and the culture of its people. 21;30 pm: Retire to bed to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note that the sequence and timing of  the above listed activities might change on short notice to accommodate changed circumstances. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Day 2 Visit To Kariba Dam Wall – The Most Beautiful And Exotic Attraction Site In Zambia
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Visit To Kariba Dam Wall – The Most Beautiful And Exotic Attraction Site In Zambia

      A heart warming experience!   Visiting the most exotic attraction site, the Kariba Dam Wall in Siavonga is the most heart warming experience you can ever have in Zambia. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview  The Kariba Dam has its own beautiful scenery which is surely going to sweep you off your feet as it is hard to resist. The sheer size and curve of the dam is incredible; makes you dizzy when looking down the massive dam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Narration (information tip): An engineering feat, the lake was built in the 1950s out of necessity for power generation for Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a huge man-made dam which is a double curvature dam. It was constructed with concrete in the Kariba Gorge of the Zambezi River basin between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The dam is 128 meters long and 579 meters long. You can say that that is known to serve the people of Zambia and Zimbabwe for years now. Program of day (2) 07:30 am:   Wake up and take your warm bath. 08:00 am:  Take your delicious mouthwatering breakfast. 09:00 am:  Commence the guided tour the Kariba Dam Wall. 10:30 am: Tour of Siavonga town and  the local market What you will do?: You will go touring around the local Siavonga town and local African market. Museum: You will visit the local museum and Santa Barbara Chapel dedicated exclusively in memory of the workers that died during the construction of the Kariba Dam. Curios and Crafts Shop. You could take also purchase some curios and crafts curios and craft shops around Siavonga.  12:30 pm: You will then take your delicious lunch at the lodge. Option 1:  Stay behind and take the entire afternoon resting either at the beach or at the Lodge. Or propose to take an alternative activity instead of going for a safari game drive in across in Zimbabwe. You may decide to go canoeing in the afternoon or simply relax inside the floating pool onsite. Option 2 (As an added activity) 13:00 pm: Cross over into Kariba Zimbabwe side to commence a game drive in the Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe  for 2-3 hours.   Narration (information tip): Matusadona National Park is home to lions, buffaloes, elephants, and a diverse bird life with over 240 species. The lake itself is teeming with huge Nile crocodiles and the lake shored offers fantastic herds of elephants and the Big Five. 16:30 pm: Cross back into Zambia and head straight to your  lodge in Siavonga. 18:30 pm: Take your delicious dinner. 21:00 pm: Evening relaxation with friends. 22: 00 pm: Retire to bed to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that the sequence and timing of  the above listed activities might change on short notice to accommodate changed circumstances. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Day 3 Depart Back To Lusaka, Capital City Of Zambia
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Depart Back To Lusaka, Capital City Of Zambia

      08:00 am: Take your sumptous breakfast 10:00 am: Check out of the lodge and bid farewell to your newly found friends in Siavonga 10:30pm: Enjoy your day sightseeing drive back to to Lusaka. 14:30 pm: You will be dropped off at your lodge.  ---------------------End of the exciting 3 day Siavonga/Kariba vacation  tour-----------------------------.

Tour leaving from Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. Located in the center of the country, Lusaka is an important political, economic, and cultural center. The city has a blend of African and Western influences and offers a variety of attractions, including vibrant markets, botanical gardens, and national parks. Lusaka is also known for its lively nightlife and rich history and culture.

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