6 days tour

6-Days Trip To Easter Island

This tour includes:


Bilingual Guide is included in all tours


Continental breakfast @ hotel Box lunch on day 2


Entrance fee to Rapa Nui National Park


Insurance in case of an accident only.


Transfers from/to airport-hotel by shared service with Spanish speaking driver (no guide) Shared excursions with bilingual guide Important Note: the order of the tours can be swapped, once you arrive to airport you will be given a detailed itinerary with pick up times for every day activity.


5 nights @ hotel Taha Tai 3* Superior or similar For the following dates, hotel prices are ON REQUEST: Christmas & New Year's Eve (20 Dec to 04 Jan) and Tapati Festival (Jan 28 to Feb 12)

Not included:


Air ticket Santiago - Easter Island - Santiago (Latam is the only airline operating this route) It appears that at the beginning, flights resuming to Easter Island will only be operating on Thursdays and Saturdays (maybe in September 2022 another flight will be add, on Mondays). Airport taxes Gratuities (optional) Any other meal not mentioned


Internal Flights are NOT included, we can certainly help you to book these if you need us to. From August 4th, 2022 Easter Island opened up to receiving tourists once again. The following flight schedules have been announced by LATAM: October 2022: Mon, Fri, Sun November & December 2022: Mon, Sun January 2023: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun February 2023: Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun March 2023: Mon, Fri, Sat April 2023 – August 2023: Thurs, Sat *Note: the above flights are subject to change


There are optionals activities which you can add to your experience, please check with us. there are NOT included in the total price of the tour.

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Itinerary of your trip 6-Days Trip To Easter Island

  • Day 1 Arrival To Mataveri Airport & Transfer To Hotel
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Arrival To Mataveri Airport & Transfer To Hotel

      On Arrival to Easter Island Airport, reception at the Airport with flower necklace and transfer to your selected hotel.  Afternoon is at leisure. We recommend you to walk around Hanga Roa downtown, maybe have lunch in a local restaurant.  In the afternoon, go to Tahai, just along the coast from Hanga Roa, is possibly the best place to watch the sunset. The set of three ahus is located in a peaceful waterfront meadow where you can watch the sunset behind the statues. It is popular with local and tourists alike and nice to see people having a picnic or  just enjoying being together. A great spot just being 25 mins walk from your hotel its perfect to do on the first day after flight into island if you are feeling exhausted but still want to get your first glimpse of the Moai. Overnight @ hotel Taha Tai 3* Superior or similar 

  • Day 2 Fd Ahu Tongariki - Rano Rarako Volcano- Ahu Nau Nau –Anakena Beach
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Fd Ahu Tongariki - Rano Rarako Volcano- Ahu Nau Nau –Anakena Beach

      Departing from HangaRoa's town at about 9:30 am, going to the southeastern and northeastern coast of the Island visiting the AhuVaihu temple, which is located 10 km from HangaRoa.  It consists of a stone platform with 8Moai statues and 8 pukao dispersed in the proximities. Then, we will go to AhuAkahanga, so- called the "Platform of the king". The legend tells that HotuMatua'a's tomb is near this place. There, we will find 4 platforms, 12 Moai statues, 8 Pukao and towards the interior of this Ahu; it is possible to see the best-preserved village of the island. Later, we will go to AhuTongariki, with 15 Moai being the largest Ahu of the island. After that, we will meet AhuTePito Kura, which possesses the highest statue of the island raised in an Ahu, the MoaiParo (10 meters of height and 85 tons with a Pukao of 11,5 tons). Near this ceremonial temple is the great spherical stone that is identified as the Center of the World (TePito o TeHenua), as the legend tells, it was brought to the island by HotuMatua'a in his craft. After that, we will arrive in Ahu Nau Nau, temple of a complex construction due to its different levels where we will find 5 Moai statues with Pukao. There, we will see petroglyphs in the backs of the statues. We will continue our excursion to the RanoRaraku volcano and quarry, where there was carved most of the Moai of the island, using the volcanic rock of its hillsides. There are an estimated number of 400 Moai in several stages of carved. Finishing our adventure, we will go to the Anakena Beach. It is a beach of white sands chosen for the arrival of the ArikiHotuMatua'a and his sister Avareipua. Anakena is the name of a small cave in an adjacent gully. Return to the town of HangaRoa.  Important Note: the order of the tours can be swapped, once you arrive to airport you will be given a detailed itinerary with pick up times for every day activity.  Overnight @ hotel Taha Tai 3* Superior or similar 

  • Day 3 Am Orongo & Rano Kao + Pm Ahu Akivi (7 Explorers)
    • 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

      Am Orongo & Rano Kao + Pm Ahu Akivi (7 Explorers)

      We start our tour at 09:30 am from HangaRoa heading to the Tahai Archaeological Complex.  This ceremonial center features 3ahus: AhuVai Uri with 5 Moai statues, AhuTahai with 1 Moai statue and Ahu Le to Riko with 1 Moai statue. From this site, we will be able to appreciate inspiring landscapes.  After that, we will visit the Ana Kai Tangata natural cave where it is possible to appreciate some rupestrian art representing birds such as the manutara, and where it is possible to watch waves breaking upon the cliff.  We will continue our tour by visiting the RanoKau volcano where we will be able to see the largest crater on the Island and one of the largest sweet water reservation of the area.  Finally, we will visit the Orongo Ceremonial Village, old and magnificent ceremonial city located in the western side of the RanoKau volcano. It features 53 elliptical houses made of sandstone and a small square window looking to the sea. In this place, the most important ceremony of the second period of Easter Island was carried out: the election of the Tangata Manu (Bird-Man), this ceremony stopped being performed 150 years ago, due to the arrival of the first Christian missioners.  We will return to the village. We initiate the tour about 3:00 pm from HangaRoa, visiting AhuVinapu, that it was used by the islanders in the year 1.200 A.C. including 3 Ahu. The first one has 6Moai statues demolished and painted in red. The second one has a supposedly feminine Moai which had two heads. Finally, the third Moai, the oldest one, features only removed stones. We will continue our way to the quarry of Puna Pau, archaeological site in the eastern side of HangaRoa. It is a small crater of red slag, from where the Pukao or hats of the Moai statues were obtained. Along its old exit, there are some incomplete and abandoned Moai. We will head to AhuAkivi, the first Ahu restored by the science in the island in the year 1960. The platform with 7Moai is characterized by being one of the few ones located in the center of the island, with its statues facing the rising sun. According the legend, these 7Moai would represent 7 young explorers sent before HotuMatua'a's arrival to investigate the island. Our adventure leads us to the cavern of TePahu, a place used as housing and temporary refuge in war times. Then, we will return to HangaRoa. Important Note: the order of the tours can be swapped, once you arrive to airport you will be given a detailed itinerary with pick up times for every day activity.  Overnight @ hotel Taha Tai 3* Superior or similar 

Experience Style

Experience Style


There will be challenging activities such as hiking, biking, canyoning and trekking, but you’re also going to have other means of transportation and relaxed moments to just chill.

Accomodation level

Accomodation level


This accommodation includes essential services like a hot shower, electricity, and a nice and comfy bed.

Experience Type

Experience Type

Small Group

You’ll be accompanied by a small group of travelers just like you.

Physical Rating

Physical Rating


There are several physical activities that last from 2 to 6 hours in easy terrains, low altitude flats, or water experiences. Please ask if you’re not sure this applies to you.

Age range

Age range

Min: 1 / Max: 99

Experience allowed to all ages.

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