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The classic safari schedule calls for game drives early in the morning and late afternoon, the hours when animals are more active and photography is at its best. Dawn is particularly good time for finding predators. Many of the cats hunt at night, and those that have failed to kill or often still on the prowl at first light. Successful hunters may then be found feeding on their prey, while hyenas and jackals may be scavenging abandoned carcasses. Antelopes like to feed during cool early morning, then retire to shade to chew their cud. Zebra, buffalo and elephants also seek shade against full sun all resume feeding and movements as afternoon shadow begin to lengthen.
Uganda is very rich in culture with a lot of diverse culture in it’s respective regions. Cultural tours in Uganda can boost the experience of your safari especially if you need to unwind and relax! Watching these people dance, tell traditional stories or depict their way of life their way of life to you is something amazing

Stop At:

• Murchison Falls National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Western Region
• Queen Elizabeth National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Western Region
• Kibale National Park, Kibale National Park, Western Region
• Fort Portal, Fort Portal, Western Region
• Kampala, Kampala, Central Region

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